Policy Memos | Аналитические записки

Policy Memo # 432
Serghei Golunov 01 Mar 2007
Russia is one of the world’s top destinations for migrants, mainly from post-Soviet states but also increasingly from elsewhere in Asia, especially China. While precise assessments differ, the number of migrants in Russia is generally estimated to be in the millions. Many temporary migrants are illegal; even more are marginalized members of Russian society. Often, migration is associated in the public mind with a rise in crime and job competition,...
Policy Memo # 431
Timothy Frye 01 Mar 2007
Are property rights obtained through legally dubious means forever tainted with original sin, or can rightholders make their ill-gotten gains legitimate by doing good works? Answers to these questions have ramifications beyond academic debate. Based on the expectation that private ownership generates stronger incentives to produce, policymakers and international financial institutions have advised governments from Asia to Africa to transfer state-owned...
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