About Membership

PONARS Eurasia Membership

Decisions on membership are made by the PONARS Eurasia Executive Committee, though only a few new members can be admitted each year. Applications should be submitted by August 15 of each year to be considered during the Executive Committee’s only regular meeting, which usually takes place in mid-late September.

Specific criteria for membership have evolved as the organization itself has evolved. Current eligibility considerations include the following requirements. Applicants must:

  • Hold a PhD, DPhil, or kandidat nauk degree (or their country’s equivalent);
  • Have a permanent academic base in North America or post-Soviet Eurasia (unfortunately, resource constraints keep us from expanding more broadly);
  • Be mainly engaged in academic scholarship (not, for example, government service, journalism, public commentary, or political activism). The kind of academic focus PONARS Eurasia seeks is typically reflected by primary employment in a university, academy of science, or research institute;
  • Pursue academic research (a) that has a strong empirical focus on the post-Soviet region and (b) that has important policy implications that could be developed through participation in PONARS Eurasia;
  • Show evidence of scholarly leadership potential in their disciplines as they relate to Russia and post-Soviet Eurasia. This is typically evidenced by academic publications (most important) as well as training, international fellowships, and conference participation;
  • Have strong command of written and spoken English.

Applications are especially (though not exclusively) welcomed from individuals who:

  • Have earned a PhD, DPhil, or kandidat nauk degree within the last ten years;
  • Do not already have a high public profile on policy issues;
  • Have earned a reputation for collegial collaboration and cooperation with scholars in Eurasia, Europe, and North America;
  • Complement rather than duplicate areas of expertise already represented in the PONARS Eurasia network.

If you are eligible and would like to apply, please send the following to Marlene Laruelle ([email protected]) or Henry Hale ([email protected]):

  1. One-page cover letter outlining your reasons for wanting to join PONARS Eurasia.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. An original draft policy memo of no more than 2,000 words in English that draws important policy implications from your academic research, that has not previously been published (or committed to publication) elsewhere, and that may be considered for publication in the PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo series. Please refer to other Policy Memos, available online here, for examples.
  4. Contact information (not actual letters) for three scholars who can talk about your work, research program, collegiality, and other qualifications. These references may include members of PONARS Eurasia.