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Viatcheslav Morozov
Вячеслав Морозов

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Viatcheslav Morozov
Вячеслав Морозов
Professor, EU–Russia Studies
University of Tartu, Estonia
Democracy, Identity and Nationalism, Ideology and Discourses, EU-Russia relations

Policy Memos

639 Why Would the Kremlin Root for Bernie Sanders? Mistrust of Mass Politics and the Outward Projection of Domestic Insecurities
554 Why Russia’s Strategic Deception Is Popular: The Cultural Appeal of the Trickster
414 В чем смысл «национального» в российской дискуссии о национальных интересах?
414 What Is the Meaning of “National” in the Russian Debate about the National Interest?
364 Kazakhstan and the “Russian World": Is a New Intervention on the Horizon?
364 Казахстан и «русский мир»: Возможна ли новая интервенция?
251 “Nationalization of the Elites” and its Impact on Russian Foreign Policy
251 «Национализация элит» и ее последствия для российской внешней политики
212 Пассивное большинство в российской политике: Всегда ли численное превосходство означает качественное преимущество?
212 The Passive Majority in Russian Politics: Can Quality Beat Quantity?
193 Of Jackals and Hamsters: Dividing Lines in Russian Politics and the Prospects for Democratization
193 О шакалах и хомячках: Разделительные линии в российской политике и перспективы демократизации
173 No Enemy at the Gate: An Unusual Election Cycle in Russia
152 What Happened on Manezh Square? Ideology, Institutions, and Myths Regarding the Anti-Migrant Riots of December 2010
134 Dmitry Medvedev's Conservative Modernization: Reflections on the Yaroslavl Speech
130 Modernizing Sovereign Democracy? Russian Political Thinking and the Future of the 'Reset'
64 Protecting 'Our' History: Politics, Memory, and the Russian State
20 On a Collision Course: The EU and Russia Revisit Europe's Recent Past
327 The Forced Choice Between Russia and the West: The Geopolitics of Alienation