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Robert Orttung
Роберт Орттунг

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Robert Orttung
Роберт Орттунг
Research Professor of International Affairs, IERES; Director of Research, Sustainable GW
George Washington University
Russia, Energy, Corruption, Institutions

Policy Memos

679 The Pandemic in the Arctic: Common Challenges from Juneau to Murmansk
588 U.S. Arctic Policymaking Under Trump and Obama: Implications for Russia and China
405 How to Effectively Fight Corruption in Ukraine: Coalitions of the Like-Minded Can Degrade Entrenched Interests
405 Как эффективно бороться с коррупцией в Украине: Коалиции единомышленников способны разрушить укоренившиеся группы интересов
289 Сочи 2014: Экономика российских мегапроектов
289 Sochi 2014: The Political Economy of Russia’s Mega-Projects
239 Запасы энергоресурсов и спорные морские границы в Евразии
239 Energy Deposits and Contested Maritime Boundaries in Eurasia
197 Политические амбиции российских профсоюзов после выборов
197 Russian Unions' Political Ambitions after the Elections
166 What Hinders Reform in Ukraine?
126 Can Brazil Be A Model of Development for Russia?
83 Russia as an Energy Power between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia
37 Energizing the Western Response to Democratic Setbacks in Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia
430 Causes and Consequences of Corruption in Putin's Russia
392 Linkages Between Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups in Nuclear Smuggling: A Case Study of Chelyabinsk Oblast
351 The Role of Business in Russian Foreign and Security Relations
305 Business and State in the Russian Regions
290 The Duma Districts: Key to Putin's Power