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Pavel Baev
Павел Баев

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Pavel Baev
Павел Баев
Research Professor
Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
Russia, Military Reform, Caucasus, Central Asia, Energy, NATO

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654 Russia’s Syrian Predicament Grows Unmanageable
622 The White Whale Chooses Freedom: Hard Choices in Opposing Russian Dominance in the Arctic
599 Russia Misjudged and Seeks to Restrain the Revolution in Armenia
528 Why Russia Is Failing the "Syria Test" for Counterterrorism Cooperation with the West
494 Russia’s Entanglement in Syria: A Protracted, Extreme Stress Factor for the Russian Navy
494 Сирийская интервенция как критический стресс-фактор для российского флота
470 Интервенция в Сирии как инструмент российской политики давления на ЕС
470 Pressure Points: The Syria Intervention as an Instrument of Russia’s EU Policy
447 Mistrust Sets Low Ceiling for Russia-China Partnership: Deconstructing the Putin-Xi Jinping Relationship
447 Дефицит доверия – главный ограничитель для российско-китайского квази-союза
398 Воздушная мощь России как инструмент политики: Аварийность умноженная на авантюрность
398 Russian Air Power Is Too Brittle for Brinksmanship
359 Could Russia Become a Serious Spoiler in the Middle East?
359 Есть ли место для России на ближневосточном базаре?
337 К дальнейшему укреплению российско-китайского квази-стратегического псевдо-партнерства
337 Upgrading Russia’s Quasi-Strategic Pseudo-Partnership with China
294 Как российское «энергетическое оружие» превратилось в нефтяную «подушку» и газовую «погремушку»
294 How Russia’s Energy "Weapon" Turned into an Oil Pillow and Gas Rattle
248 Not Everything Is Wrong with Russia's Syria Strategy
248 Не все так плохо в российской стратегии в Сирии
220 Протесты без лидеров: многовариантный выбор как источник силы
220 Protests Without Leaders: Making Multiple Choices into a Source of Strength
177 The Latent Resonance of the Arab Revolutions in the North Caucasus
141 Has Moscow Come to Terms with Iran?
114 The Terrorism-Corruption Nexus in the North Caucasus
101 What's In Store For Color Revolutions? Managing a New Rise of Discontent in a Time of Crisis
58 Staying the Arctic Course: An Offer for Cooperation That Russia Cannot Refuse
55 Competing Designs for Caspian Energy Highways: Russia and the EU Face Reality Checks
46 Vae Victors: The Russian Army Pays for the Lessons of the Georgian War
22 Medvedev and the Military: Reshuffling as a Preamble for Reform?
5 The Kosovo Precedent in Russia's Georgia Policy
415 Has Russia Achieved a Victory in Its War Against Terror?
399 Russia's Counterrevolutionary Offensive in Central Asia
382 Chairing the G8: Russian Energy and Great Power Aspirations
345 Putin's War in Chechnya: Who steers the course?
331 Putin's European Project: Derailed or Set Back in Reformatting?
318 Putin Reconstitutes Russia's Great Power Status
251 Russia's Virtual War Against Georgia: Risks of a PR Offensive
215 The Russian Navy after the Kursk: Still Proud but with Poor Navigation
205 President Putin and His Generals: Bureaucratic Control and War-Fighting Culture
153 Putin's Court: How the Military Fits In
107 Will Russia Go for a Military Victory in Chechnya?