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Nikolai Sokov
Николай Соков

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Nikolai Sokov
Николай Соков
Senior Fellow
Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non‑Proliferation
Russian-U.S. Relations, Nuclear Command and Control, Communications and Intelligence, Missile Systems, Kosovo, NATO

Policy Memos

625 The Elusive Russian Nuclear Threshold
472 Новый неядерный потенциал России: значение для Евразии и всей планеты
472 Russia’s New Conventional Capability: Implications for Eurasia and Beyond
184 Nuclear Weapon Disagreements within NATO: Sources and Implications
49 The South Caucasus Corridor after the Russian-Georgian War
6 The Political and Legal Parameters of Russian Decisionmaking on Abkhazia and South Ossetia
418 START I Replacement: The End of Cold War Disarmament
407 The United States from Russia to Georgia
404 Alternative Interpretation of the Russian-Ukrainian Gas Crisis
403 The Not-So-Great Game in Central Asia
363 The Withdrawal of Russian Military Bases from Georgia: Not Solving Anything
335 20th Century Tools for 21st Century Challenges: The Limits of Russian Influence in Central Asia and South Caucasus
278 The Agenda for Arms Control Negotiations After the Moscow Treaty
254 Quod Licet Iovi: Preemptive Use of Military Force in Russian Foreign Policy
247 Instability in South Caucasus and the War against Terrorism
229 Russia's Policy in the Former Soviet Union and the New Challenges to the United States Eurasia Policy
218 The ABM Treaty: The End of One Saga and the Start of Another
200 What Is At Stake For The United States In The Sino-Russian Friendship Treaty?
196 The Myths About Unilateral Nuclear Arms Reduction
181 'Kosovo Syndrome' and the Great Nuclear Debate of 2000
133 The Reality and Myths of Nuclear Regionalism in Russia
101 Foreign Policy Under Putin: Pro-Western Pragmatism Might Be a Greater Challenge to the West
93 The Death of Arms Control: Popular Myths About What Russia Can and Will Do
56 The IMF-Russian Negotiations and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
43 Nuclear Weapons and Russia's Economic Crisis
29 Russia's Relations with NATO: Lessons from the History of the Entente Cordiale
24 Could Norway Trigger a Nuclear War? Notes on the Russian Command and Control System
23 Domestic Structure, Economic Growth, and Russian Foreign Policy