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Mark Kramer
Марк Крамер

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Mark Kramer
Марк Крамер
Director, Cold War Studies Program, and Senior Fellow, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
Harvard University
Russia, Eurasia, Politics, Conflict and Terrorism in the North Caucasus, Energy Issues, Cold War Studies, Archives

Policy Memos

556 What Putin’s Exit Could Mean for Chechnya: The Pitfalls of Kadyrov’s State-within-a-State
547 U.S.-Russian Relations and the “New Cold War” Metaphor
452 The Soviet Roots of Meddling in U.S. Politics
452 Советские корни российского вмешательства в политику США
402 High-Level Corruption in Russia
402 Коррупция в высших эшелонах власти в России
381 The Return of Islamic State Fighters: The Impact on the Caucasus and Central Asia
381 Возвращение боевиков ИГИЛ: Последствия для Кавказа и Средней Азии
350 Наступление на Интернет в России и выводы для политики стран Запада
350 The Clampdown on Internet Activities in Russia and the Implications for Western Policy
280 Динамика политических протестов и оппозиции режиму в России
280 Political Protest and Regime-Opposition Dynamics in Russia
267 Russia, the Baltic Region, and the Challenge for NATO
267 Россия, Балтийский регион и вызов для НАТО
200 Страны Балтии после двух десятилетий независимости: Достижения, неудачи, внутренние проблемы
200 The Baltic Countries after Two Decades of Independence: Achievements, Setbacks, Internal Challenges
182 Ending Bilateral U.S.-Russian Strategic Arms Control
155 Understanding Suicide Terrorist Bombings in Russia
90 The Fallout from Ukraine's 2010 Presidential Election: Internal Change and the Implications for Ukraine's Ties with Russia
28 Prospects for Islamic Radicalism and Violent Extremism in the North Caucasus and Central Asia
416 The Changing Context of Russian Federal Policy in the North Caucasus
405 Did the Russians Aid Saddam Hussein's War Effort?
380 Instability in the North Caucasus and the Political Implications for the Russian-Chechen War
350 Toward Full Convertibility of the Ruble? Benefits, Pitfalls, and Prospects
304 Restructuring of the Russian Electricity Industry: The Proposed Breakup and the Lessons from Abro
289 Rights and Restraints in Russia's Criminal Justice System
281 Oversight of Russia's Intelligence and Security Agencies: The Need for and Prospects of Democratic Control
202 The Soviet Military Experience in Afghanistan: A Precedent of Dubious Relevance
191 Ukraine, Russia, and US Policy
183 Why Soviet History Matters in Russia
173 The Limits of US Influence on Russian Economic Policy
145 The Sinking of the Kursk
128 Capital Flight and Russian Economic Reform
103 What is Driving Russia's New Strategic Concept?
99 Civil-Military Relations in Russia and the Chechnya Conflict
86 Food Aid to Russia: The Fallacies of US Policy
37 US Policy and Russia's Economic Plight: Lessons from the Meltdown
10 Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, and Baltic Security