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Kimberly Marten
Кимберли Мартен

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Kimberly Marten
Кимберли Мартен
Professor; Chair of the Political Science Department
Barnard College, Columbia University
Military, Security, Warlordism, Conflict Resolution, Counter-Terrorism, Non-State Armed Actors

Policy Memos

670 Where’s Wagner? The All-New Exploits of Russia’s “Private” Military Company
608 Russ-Afrique? Russia, France, and the Central African Republic
561 Into Africa: Prigozhin, Wagner, and the Russian Military
501 Explaining Russia’s Schizophrenic Policy toward the United States
391 The Security Costs and Benefits of Non-State Militias: The Example of Eastern Ukraine
391 Преимущества и недостатки негосударственных вооруженных формирований в обеспечении безопасности: Пример Восточной Украины
274 Новая трактовка российской внешней политики: Влияние неформальных патронажно-клиентельных сетей
274 A New Explanation for Russian Foreign Policy: The Power of Informal Patronage Networks
135 Institutionalizing Security Cooperation between Russia and the West
116 Russia, Chechnya, and the Sovereign Kadyrov
39 Economic Lures and Ungoverned Territories: Overcoming Warlordism
428 Disrupting the Balance: Russian Efforts to Control Kazakhstan's Oil
401 Understanding the Impact of the K2 Closure
311 U.S. Military Bases in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Economic Lessons from Okinawa
264 Small Steps for U.S. Security Interest in Kyrgyzstan
209 Why Peace Operations in Afghanistan Should Heed Soviet Lessons Learned
189 The New Bush Administration and the UN: A Strategy of Great Power Consensus?
155 Putin and the Russian Military
142 Human Rights Violations in Chechnya: Implications for Western Assistance to Russia
71 The Dissonant Concert: US-Russian Relations in the UN Security Council
67 Institutional Decline in the Russian Military: Exit, Voice, and Corruption
49 The Political Costs of Western Investment in Russian Spin-off Companies
34 Why Military Dissatisfaction Is Not a Threat to the Russian State
7 Contact Lenses: Transparency and US-Russian Military Ties