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Ivan Kurilla
Иван Курилла

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Ivan Kurilla
Иван Курилла
European University at St. Petersburg
History, U.S.-Russian Relations & Policy, Education

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659 Nationalizing Russian (War) Memory Since 2014
596 Toward the Possibility of a New U.S.-Russian “Reset”: Does Their Hot & Cold Past Foretell Their Future?
526 The Anti-Russia Surge in U.S. Politics: Finding Context
503 History and Memory in Russia During the 100-Year Anniversary of the Great Revolution
429 «Возвращение Сталина»: Как понять обострение исторической политики в России?
429 The “Return of Stalin”: Understanding the Surge of Historical Politics in Russia
331 Закон о «реабилитации нацизма»: Его смысл и ожидаемые последствия
331 The Implications of Russia’s Law against the “Rehabilitation of Nazism”
262 Knowledge, Values, or Pragmatism: How to Build Trust in U.S.-Russia Relations
262 Знания, ценности или прагматизм: Как строить доверие в российско-американских отношениях?
246 Академическая этика в современной России
246 Academic Integrity in Russia Today: The Political and Social Implications of Thesis Falsification and Education Reform
222 Сумерки верикали: Может ли волгоградский губернатор сыграть в другую игру?
222 The Twilight of the Vertical: Can a Governor in Volgograd Play a New Game?
203 В поисках национального единства или международного различия? Исторические нарративы в постсоветских государствах
203 In Search of National Unity or International Separation: WWII Era Textbook Narratives in Post-Soviet States
162 Symbolic Politics or Real Problems: The Agenda for the Russian Elections
153 Reforming Russia's Higher Education System
115 Local Chronicles vs. National History: The Search for Russian Identity
99 Rethinking the Revolutionary Past: How Color Revolutions Have Led to New Interpretations of Russian History
63 Memory Wars in the Post-Soviet Space
18 History as an Old-New Political Tool in Eurasia
3 Two Centuries of Russian-U.S. Relations: Internal Agendas and the Mutual Construction of Images
422 Russian Regions and International Systems: A Trajectory of Post-Soviet Interaction
395 Russia's Left Turn
336 The Last Governor: Regional Elites, Civil Society, and the Future of the Russian State
295 New Round of Elections in Russia: New People, New Technologies... No Choice?
268 Who is at the Gate?: The Symbolic Battle of Stalingrad in Contemporary Russia
222 Uryupinsk: Civil Activism without NGOs The Communist Party as a Civil Society Substitute
158 Gubernatorial Elections in the Volgograd Region: Do They Matter?
120 Southern Russia: The Heartland or Russia's Soft Underbelly?