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Ekaterina Stepanova
Екатерина Степанова

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Ekaterina Stepanova
Екатерина Степанова
Lead Researcher, Department of International Politics; Head, Peace and Conflict Studies
Institute of World Economy & International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow
Armed Conflicts, Insurgencies, Terrorism, Violent Networks, Political Economy of Conflicts, Violence and Ideology, Peacebuilding

Policy Memos

618 Russia and the Afghan Peace Process
511 Russia’s Syria Policy: The Hard Path of Military Disengagement
450 How and Why the United States and Russia Can Cooperate on Terrorism
450 Как и почему Россия и США могут сотрудничать в противодействии терроризму
421 Russia’s Policy on Syria after the Start of Military Engagement
421 Политика России по Сирии на этапе военного вмешательства
393 The “Islamic State” as a Security Problem for Russia: The Nature and Scale of the Threat
393 «Исламское государство» как проблема безопасности России: характер и масштаб угрозы
268 The Boston Bombings: A Post-Qaeda Take on “Lone Wolves” and “Leaderless Jihad”
268 Бостонские взрывы: «Одинокие волки» и «безлидерный джихад» после Аль-Каиды
228 Гражданская война в Сирии: Переходный процесс без интервенции?
228 The Syrian Civil War: Transition without Intervention?
199 The Syria Crisis and the Making of Russia's Foreign Policy
199 Сирийский кризис и формирование внешней политики России
190 The Path to a Political Solution in Afghanistan
159 The Role of Information Communication Technologies in the 'Arab Spring': Implications Beyond the Region
61 Does Russia Want the West to Succeed in Afghanistan?
56 Iran and Afghanistan: Cross Border Security Challenges, Conflict Management, and Iran-U.S. Relations
29 Radicalization of Muslim Immigrants in Europe and Russia: Beyond Terrorism
429 Russia's Middle East Policy: Old Divisions or New?
393 Illicit Drug Trafficking and Islamic Terrorism as Threats to Russian Security: The Limits of the Linkage
347 From Dubrovka to Beslan: Who is learning faster?
325 The Challenge of Terrorism in Post-Saddam Iraq: A View from Russia
322 Postwar Iraq: Policy Options for Russia
279 Partners In Need: U.S.-Russian Cooperation on and Approaches to Anti-terrorism
249 Russia and U.S. Policy Toward Iraq Conflict of Interests and Limits of Dissent
230 Separately Together: U.S. and Russian Approaches to Political Settlement in Afghanistan
201 U.S.-Russia Cooperation on Afghanistan: An Exception or a Model?
167 International Terrorism in the Southern Tier: Perceived or Real Threat to Russia's Security?
100 Western Policy on Chechnya: Rationalizing Relations with Russia?
57 Explaining Russia's Dissention on Kosovo