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Arkady Moshes
Аркадий Мошес

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Arkady Moshes
Аркадий Мошес
Director,The EU Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia Programme
Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Russia, Russia-EU Relations, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic States, Security

Policy Memos

607 All Quiet in Russian-Belarusian Relations
557 A Partnership Not in the Making: Ukrainian-Belarusian Relations After the Euromaidan
506 Что сменит улетучившуюся «Трамп-эйфорию»? Сегодняшние российские точки зрения на внешнюю политику
506 What Will Replace Russia’s Dwindling Trump-Euphoria? Russian Foreign Policy Viewpoints Today
485 Does It Make Sense to Expect a Color Revolution in Belarus?
485 Есть ли смысл ожидать «цветную революцию» в Беларуси?
454 Россия-ЕС: Quo Vadis? Без перемен, нормализация или ухудшение
454 EU-Russia Relations: Quo Vadis? Muddling, Normalization, or Deterioration
440 Lukashenko’s “Drift To The West”: Why Moscow Should Not Be Worried
440 Лукашенко «дрейфует на Запад»: Почему Москве не о чем волноваться
422 Will Europe Blink First on Ukraine?
422 Украина: «моргнет» ли Европа первой?
387 Can EU-Belarusian Relations Be Reset?
387 Возможна ли перезагрузка в отношениях между ЕС и Беларусью?
329 Беларусь и ее новое подчинение России: Безоговорочная капитуляция или жесткий торг?
329 Belarus’ Renewed Subordination to Russia: Unconditional Surrender or Hard Bargain?
304 Российско-белорусские отношения после Вильнюса: Старое вино в новые меха?
304 Russian-Belarusian Relations after Vilnius: Old Wine in New Bottles?
284 Европа: Расставание с российской иллюзией
284 Europe's Disillusionment with Russia
247 Вступит ли Украина в Евразийский Таможенный Союз (и спасет его)?
247 Will Ukraine Join (and Save) the Eurasian Customs Union?
236 Откажется ли Европа от Украины?
236 Will Europe Walk Away from Ukraine?
160 Mapping an Alternative Future for Belarus
143 Russia and the EU: A New 'Balance of Self-Confidence'
122 Can Ukraine Still Perform Its Balancing Act?
69 The Rapprochement between Belarus and the European Union
51 Russian-Ukrainian Relations After the Georgian War
13 Slowly But Surely?: The European Neighborhood Policy as a New Framework for Transatlantic Integration
426 Ukraine Between a Multivector Foreign Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration: Has It Made Its Choice?
391 Managing the Retreat: Can Russia Adapt to the Emergence of Intermediate Europe?
355 Is Russia's New Belarus Policy Emerging?
302 Europe Without Visas: Does Russia Have a Chance
265 The Next President of Ukraine: Predicting the Unpredictable
237 The 2002 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine: A Prelude to Change or Just Routine Business
182 Russia's Belarus Dilemma
171 EU Enlargement in the Baltic Sea Region and Russia: Obvious Problems, Unclear Solutions
123 Russian Policy Towards Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic States in the Putin Era
82 Russian-Ukrainian Relations After Ukraine's Elections