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Andrey Makarychev
Андрей Макарычев

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Andrey Makarychev
Андрей Макарычев
Visiting Professor, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
University of Tartu, Estonia
Russian Foreign and Security Policies, EU-Russian Relations, Issues of Regionalism and Federalism

Policy Memos

616 Estonia’s Russophones Tumble Between Two Populisms
591 Russia’s “Opposition at a Distance”: The Liberal, Anti-Putin, and Pro-Western Consortia Outside Russian Borders
586 Centenary Anniversaries of Independence: Baltic, East European, and Caucasian Contexts
515 Europe in Crisis: “Old,” “New,” or Incomplete?
477 The Russian World, Post-Truth, and Europe
477 Русский мир, пост-правда и Европа
435 Russia “Understanders” in Europe: Discourses, Communication, Consequences
435 Россия и ее «понимающие» союзники: Дискурсы, коммуникация, последствия
412 The Limits to Russian Soft Power in Georgia
412 Пределы российской мягкой силы в Грузии
367 Reassembling Lands or Reconnecting People? Geopolitics and Biopower in Russia’s Neighborhood Policy
367 Cобирание земель или воссоединение людей? Геополитка и биовласть в российской политике соседства
345 Украинский кризис и балтийский регион: расширение конфликности?
345 The Crisis in Ukraine and the Baltic Sea Region: A Spillover of the Conflict?
310 Европейский Союз в Восточной Европе: Приобретает ли нормативная сила геополитическое измерение?
310 The EU in Eastern Europe: Has Normative Power Become Geopolitical?
288 Политика спортивных мегасобытий в России: От Казани к Сочи
288 The Politics of Sports Mega-Events in Russia: Kazan, Sochi, and Beyond
259 Председательство России в международных организациях: Мягкая сила и многосторонняя дипломатия под вопросом?
259 Russia’s Chairmanship of International Organizations: The Questionable Pursuit of Soft Power in Multilateral Settings
235 Политические трансформации внутри Европейского Союза. Почему России не все равно?
235 The EU Transformed: Why Should Russia Care?
206 Россия и Германия в большой Европе: Динамика сближения и отчуждения
206 Russia and Germany in Wider Europe: Dynamics of Rapprochment and Alienation
178 Russia's "Libya Debate": Political Meanings and Repercussions
139 The Caspian Sea Region: Local Dynamics, Global Reverberations
129 Hard, Soft, or Human? Security Discourses in the EU, NATO, and Russia
94 Russia's Moldova Policy: Soft Power at the Service of Realpolitik?
75 New Challenges to Russian Federalism
43 Securitization and Identity: The Black Sea Region as a 'Conflict Formation'
19 NATO and Russia After the Bucharest Summit: Is a New Security Agenda Feasible?
4 Post-Soviet Realpolitik: Russian Policy After the Color Revolutions
425 Russia's Energy Policy: Between Security and Transparency
390 The Baltic-Black Sea Connection: A Region in the Making or a Political Project?
333 Russia Between 'Old' and 'New' Europe: New Policy Articulations
301 Europe's Eastern Dimension: Russia's Reaction to Poland's Initiative