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Alexander Cooley
Александр Кули

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Alexander Cooley
Александр Кули
Tow Professor of Political Science; Director of the Harriman Institute
Barnard College, Columbia University
Central Asia, Military Reform, Institutions, Human Rights

Policy Memos

544 The Cold War, Post-Cold War, and the Academy: Policy Recommendations from an Oral History of Russian and Eurasian Studies
372 Новый шелковый путь или классический вариант тупикового развития? Перспективы и проблемы китайской инициативы ОПОП
372 New Silk Route or Classic Developmental Cul-de-Sac? The Prospects and Challenges of China’s OBOR Initiative
261 The Changing Logic of Russian Strategy in Central Asia: From Privileged Sphere to Divide and Rule?
261 Новый российский курс в Центральной Азии: Отказ от политики сферы привилегированных интересов в пользу тактики "разделяй и властвуй"?
216 Инертный орел, усиливающийся дракон: Американская политика и рост влияния Китая в Центральной Азии
216 Passive Eagle, Rising Dragon: U.S. Policy toward China’s Rise in Central Asia
140 The Kyrgyz Crisis and the Political Logic of Central Asia's Weak Regional Security Organizations
92 These Colors May Run: The Backlash Against the U.S.-Backed 'Democratic Revolutions' in Eurasia
85 The Stagnation of the SCO: Competing Agendas and Divergent Interests in Central Asia
47 Will Sevastopol Survive? The Triangular Politics of Russia's Naval Base in Crimea
7 Kosovo's Precedents: The Politics of Sovereign Emergence and its Alternatives
423 Manas Matters: The Changing Politics of the U.S. Military Base in Kyrgyzstan
400 Difficult Engagements: Political Lessons from the K2 Experience
362 Depoliticizing Manas: The Domestic Consequences of the U.S. Military Presence in Kyrgyzstan