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Mikhail Troitskiy 04-16-2012
(Russia Council) In an article for the Russian International Affairs Council, PONARS Eurasia member Mikhail Troitskiy discusses U.S.-Russian relations across issues such as the Russian presidential election, the arrival of the new U.S. ambassador to Moscow, NATO expansion, the impact of the color revolutions, and ABM issues. Troitskiy also looks into the future at scenarios for improvement in cooperation between East and West.
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Mikhail Troitskiy 07-11-2011
Other news of the day 11/07/2011 No Pause for the “Reset” TROITSKIY, Mikhail The U.S.-Russia “reset” has become an acknowledged foreign policy triumph for the incumbent administrations in Washington and Moscow. However, amid the difficulties with negotiating further arms control agreements, politicians and pundits on both sides are tempted to conclude that the reset has largely run its course. Such talk is premature at best and harmful to U.S.-Russia...


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