Workshop Videos: The New Nuclear Doctrines of Russia and the United States

PONARS Eurasia
14 May 2018

Recent adjustments to the Russian and U.S. nuclear doctrines demonstrate the urgent need for a renewed dialogue between the two countries on managing their vast nuclear weapons capabilities and potential. The May 10, 2018, workshop, "Beyond Confrontation: The New Nuclear Doctrines of Russia and the United States: Prospects for Averting Destabilization," brought together leading scholars and experts to address questions that are vital for world peace and security at a time of tense U.S.-Russian relations.

Videos (YouTube):

Can the United States and Russia be Partners?

Keynote Lecture: Andrei Kozyrev, former Russian Foreign Minister.


Panel 1. The New U.S. and Russian NuclearDoctrines in Light of National and Political Interests

Speakers: Keith Darden (American University) Dauren Aben (Eurasian Research Institute), Polina Sinovets (Odessa National University), and Mikhail Troitskiy (MGIMO). Moderator: Peter Rollberg (IERES Director).


The lunchtime talk was by Andrey Baklitskiy (PIR Center) and Sarah Hummel (University of Illinois) who presented their new report, "Nuclear Arms Control and U.S.-Russia Relations," which was produced through the Working Group on the Future of U.S.-Russian Relations. The moderator was Alexandra Vacroux (Harvard University).