Russia Cannot Count on Political Easing After US Elections

05 Nov 2018

(EDM) As the furious campaigning in the United States’ 2018 midterm elections enters its final stretch, Russia can probably find some relief in the fact that it has not really come up as a major political issue this year. But at the same time, Moscow is likely nervous about the prospects of further political pressure coming out of the next Congress. President Vladimir Putin claimed on many occasions that Washington’s “Russophobic” course is driven by domestic US intrigues. Yet, a tough stance against Russia is one of the few topics that inspire consensus in the US legislature, and following Election Day, the newly incoming senators and representatives are unlikely to deviate from this stance. Neither mainstream nor liberal commentators in Moscow see any prospect that US sanctions on Russia may ease, even if President Donald Trump’s Republican Party manages to score above expectations (RIA Novosti, October 27; Novaya Gazeta, November 1). [...]

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