PONARS Eurasia Annual Policy Conference

PONARS Eurasia
06 Sep 2018

PONARS Eurasia Annual Policy Conference

Friday, September 21, 2018

9:00 am - 6:15 pm

Lindner Commons, 6th Floor

Elliott School of International Affairs, GW

1957 E St. NW

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Panel 1: A “New World Order”? Russia’s Strategies on the International Scene

Mark Kramer, Mikhail Troitskiy, Viatcheslav Morozov

Panel 2: “In” And “Out”: Russia’s Levers of Influence at Home and Abroad

Joshua Tucker, Alexandra Yatsyk, Scott Radnitz, Ted Gerber

Lunch Talk: Cold War and the Academy: An Oral History of Russian and Eurasian Studies

George Gavrilis, Alexander Cooley

Panel 3: Ukraine’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Transformations (Breakout Session)

Jordan Gans-Morse, Olexiy Haran, Volodymyr Dubovyk, Volodymyr Kulyk

Panel 4: North and South Caucasus: Terrorist Networks and Foreign Policy (Breakout Session)

Mariya Omelicheva, Kornely Kakachia, Anar Valiyev

Panel 5: The War in Donbas and Ukraine’s Nationalist Trends (Breakout Session)

Volodymyr Ishchenko, Mikhail Alexseev, Erik Herron

Panel 6: Kazakhstan's Development Strategies: Domestic and Foreign Evolutions (Breakout Session)

Eric McGlinchey, Marlene Laruelle, Dinissa Duvanova, Erica Marat