Polarization in US Society Keeps Growing as Midterm Elections Approach

05 Nov 2018

(valdaiclub.com) On November 6, midterm elections to the US Congress will be held. Mikhail Troitskiy, Dean of the School of Government and International Affairs at MGIMO University in Moscow, told valdaiclub.com about the country’s political atmosphere and relations between Donald Trump and the Congress in the field of US foreign policy after the 2018 elections.

On the eve of November 6, political atmosphere in the US is surely heated, and polarization increases as the campaign goes. That happens before any important election; however, polarization has been gradually increasing in the US over the last few decades—at least since the mid-1990s. The victory of Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote to his rival, in the presidential race, and his further actions and projects like restricting immigration, attempts to cancel Obamaсare, tax cuts, his approaches to communication with America’s allies – all of that caused contradictions and fierce resistance to Trump and his agenda. In particular, political opponents blame Trump for trying to mobilize his electorate by creating controversy, and sometimes even loath between various social groups – immigrants and American-born citizens, white and colored, right and left, Muslims and Christians, rich and poor, and so on. [...]

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