Kalmyks Protest Donbas Separatist Who Was Appointed Mayor of Republican Capital

03 Nov 2019

(EDM) Street protests continue against the leader of the Buddhist province of Kalmykia and look set to escalate, with a large demonstration planned for October 27. The protests concern the appointment of the former head of the self-proclaimed and Moscow-backed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Dmitry Trapeznikov, to the post of mayor of the Kalmykian capital city of Elista. A spokesperson for the liberal party Yabloko, Batyr Boronmangnaev, said Trapeznikov is not suitable since he declared war against his own country (i.e., Ukraine) and, in any case, is not a native of the Russian republic: “[O]nly those people who will spend their old age on Kalmyk land and rest in our steppes should be appointed to key posts in Kalmykia.” Trapeznikov’s appointment as Elista mayor was announced on September 26 (Lenta.ru, September 30). So far, this announcement led to mostly uncoordinated protests on the streets of the city, with the largest rally taking place on October 13, when hundreds took to the streets. [...]

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