Iskandaryan: The blitzkrieg did not work, the situation is dragging on, the Azerbaijani army continues to grind in this meat grinder

PONARS Eurasia
07 Oct 2020

(ArmInfo) Just a couple of days ago, literally, I would say that I do not see any indicators that show the possibility of a suspension of hostilities, however, now the situation has changed.

Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan stated this at a press conference. In particular,  according to him, these indicators are the plane that landed in Yerevan, the trip of Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu to Baku, as well as the obvious contacts that exist between the Armenian side and the Russian leadership. "That is, in the depths of the processes there is an invisible part, which is, as it were, under the carpet. Naturally, no one informs about this officially, but there is a  process of interaction," the political scientist emphasized. [...]

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