How the Opportunist in the Kremlin Took Advantage of Coronavirus

24 Mar 2020

(Globe Post) Russian President Vladimir Putin took advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to announce his support for a proposal that allows him to evade constitutional term limits for a second time. Under this constitutional “reset,” Putin would be eligible to remain in office until 2036.

The proposed changes would preserve the two-term limit in the constitution but allow Putin to compete again in 2024 under the new legal structure. This decision was sanctioned by all of Russia’s regional parliaments and the Supreme Court. It all but ensures Putin’s candidacy in the next election. Given the regime’s control over electoral processes, it will also ensure his victory.

The rollout of this new strategy was pure pageantry. Russia’s first female in space, Valentina Tereshkova, took the floor in the Duma and proposed two strategies to challenge existing term limits. A debate ensued, and deputies adjourned to consult with the president by phone. [...]

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