Defense One Radio: Wagner and Russian private military contractors

PONARS Eurasia
15 Jan 2020

(Defense One Radio) Two years ago, 500 fighters tried to attack a U.S. military outpost in eastern Syria. The U.S. responded with overwhelming force, killing dozens. What happened next?

In our latest podcast, we take a closer look at Wagner and Russian private military contractors.

"I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened. I think that it’s probably reasonable to suggest that from the perspective of the Russian defense ministry, this is a way of testing U.S. forces and trying to figure out if they’d fight back, and you know how serious the United States was about staying in eastern Syria. I think that that has to be part of the explanation. But I also think that there has to have been a part of the explanation that says that the Russian defense ministry hung these poor guys out to dry, and that they could not possibly have understood what it was they were going to be coming up against" - Kimberly Marten

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