Darden: Ukraine has had a long line of prosecutors who selectively prosecute political enemies... Shokin was precisely that kind of prosecutor.

PONARS Eurasia
10 Oct 2019

(Factcheck.org) With its candidate the subject of an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has gone on the offensive with a TV ad that claims to present the “facts” about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Ukraine. In fact, the ad relies on speculation and unsupported accusations to mislead viewers. [...]

“Ukraine has had a long line of prosecutors whose function has not been to enforce the law, but to perform the political function of selectively prosecuting political enemies and to hold out the threat of prosecution in order to secure political loyalty and compliance. Shokin was precisely that kind of prosecutor,” Keith Darden, an associate professor at American University’s School of International Service, told us in an email. “He would open cases as a way of holding the threat of prosecution over a business, but he did not actually prosecute cases.” [...]

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