Baev: Macron wanted to bring into focus the intensity of today's problems (US leadership of NATO and problems with Turkey)

PONARS Eurasia
04 Dec 2019

(RFI) Allied Heads of State and Government meet in London for a two-day Nato summit to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the alliance. But deep divisions are already evident between US President Donald and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, while Turkey’s Recip Erdogan has come up with strict conditions of his own. [...]

“Certainly such words as ‘brain dead’ indicate that there is no future,” says Pavel Baev, a political scientist with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (Prio).

“Brain dead is a condition in which you do not hope for a recovery."

But, says Baev, Macron clearly wanted to “bring into focus the intensity of the problems of today,” specifically US leadership of Nato and the problems with Turkey.

"The character of Turkey’s engagement with the Middle East is really of great concern for its allies in Europe.” [...]

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